Medpay: What it Means and How It Can Help South Carolina Residents Who Have Been in a Wreck

What is Med Pay? 

All auto insurance policies sold in Lexington and throughout South Carolina give drivers the option to protect themselves against at least $1,000.00 in out-of-pocket medical expenses. This option is often called “medical payment coverage.” It may also be referred to as “personal injury protection.” Like most legal or insurance terms, its meaning can be figured out by breaking down the words. Medical payment coverage (“medpay”) is the section of a car insurance policy that provides money to pay for medical bills you incur because of an auto accident. In essence, your own car insurance company is offering you the chance to protect yourself against medical expenses. 

How Does Med Pay Work After a Car Wreck?

payment for medicine and medical billsMany injured people mistakenly believe that the at fault driver’s insurer will pay for medical treatment throughout their legal case. I have never seen it happen. Instead, the other party’s insurer may offer you a settlement when you finish treating. The settlement will be based in part on your medical bills. While your lawyer is fighting to achieve the best possible result in your case, your medical bills could grow and even be sent to collections if you do not make some form of payment on them. Medpay funds can be applied directly to medical bills, co-pays, or placed in your pocket. 

Medpay can be the difference between receiving necessary care and having your injuries go untreated because you can't afford treatment. To avoid becoming one of the many injured South Carolinians who cannot afford the medical attention they require after a car crash, purchase medpay. In most instances, it only costs a few dollars per month. 

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