Motorcycle wrecks can be especially dangerous and are more likely to result in serious injuries than typical car accidents. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash, the aftermath and the process of filing a claim and getting the compensation you need can be daunting and complicated. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek the compensation you need as you recover from your accident.

At the Law Office of Kenneth Berger, our team knows how devastating a motorcycle crash can be, and we are here to help you through this difficult time. We will take everything off your plate so you and your family can focus on recovery. We have offices in Columbia and Myrtle Beach, SC, and proudly serve clients throughout South Carolina. You can call us to schedule a free consultation at 803-790-2800 (Columbia, SC) and 843-427-2800 (Myrtle Beach, SC).

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Crash

infographic on the claims process after a motorcycle accident 1. Immediately After the Crash

Seek Medical Attention:

Your first step after an accident is always to seek medical attention for any injuries you may have suffered. Even if you feel fine or the injuries seem to be minor, it is still important to make sure you get checked out by medical professionals. Keep all medical documents and records of property damage so you can seek full, fair compensation for any damage or harm.

Contact Law Enforcement:

You should also call the police right away, making sure to tell them any relevant details to the crash, such as when and where it happened and how many other vehicles were involved.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver:

If you are able, exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver involved, but avoid discussing any fault or admitting any guilt. A simple apology, even if you were not at fault, can be used against you later in the claims or litigation process. Anything you tell the other driver or the police can be used later on down the road, so it may be helpful to consult with a lawyer before making any statements or signing any documents.

Gather Evidence at the Scene of the Collision:

If you are able to, you should try to gather as much information as possible following a crash. Take pictures of the crash scene and any damages to your motorcycle or other vehicles. If there are any witnesses to the crash, get their contact information in case there is a dispute over who was at fault for the wreck. After a crash, it’s important to document as much as you can in case you need it later during the claims process or even in the case of litigation.

2. Notify Your Insurance Company

It is extremely important to contact your insurance company after a motorcycle crash so you can start the claims process to receive compensation for any damages or injuries you sustained in the crash. If you don’t contact your insurance company, you could be denied coverage, meaning you would have to pay for damage out of pocket.

Insurance companies have specific procedures for reporting accidents, and it is important to follow these procedures in order to ensure that your claim is properly processed. Your insurance company can also help determine who was at fault for the accident and may negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company on your behalf to ensure you receive fair compensation. It is important to remember that insurance policies often have strict deadlines for reporting accidents, so it is best to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after a motorcycle crash.

3. File a Claim with Other Driver’s Insurance Company

After a motorcycle wreck, you should file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company if they were found at fault for the accident. This can help cover the costs of any damages or injuries you have suffered.

The insurance company may investigate the accident to determine fault and the amount of damages to be paid out. After receiving a claim for an accident, the insurance company will typically conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the accident and the extent of the damages. This investigation could involve reviewing police reports, talking to any witnesses, inspecting the vehicles involved, and reviewing medical records.

The insurance company might also ask you to give a recorded statement about the accident, but it is important to consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer before giving any statements. After the investigation, the insurance company will determine who was at fault for the collision and the compensation needed to cover your damages.

It’s important to know insurance companies will want to pay out as little as possible, so your claim may be denied or minimized. If you are having difficulty filing a claim or feel that the insurance company is not offering you a fair settlement, consulting with a motorcycle crash lawyer can be helpful in protecting your rights and ensuring you receive full, fair compensation if you have been injured in a motorcycle crash.

4. Schedule a Free Consultation with a Trusted Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Motorcycle crash claims can quickly become complicated. Bias against motorcyclists, helmet laws, and disputed liability often play a role in these cases, which can lead to a long, drawn-out claims process with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

If you were injured in a motorcycle crash, it is a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer. An injury lawyer can help protect your rights and ensure that you receive fair compensation for any harm caused by the wreck. It is especially important to work with an experienced lawyer if the other driver’s insurance company is disputing liability, offering a low settlement, or even denying your claim completely.

Here at the Law Office of Kenneth Berger, our team of motorcycle injury lawyers will navigate the legal process, negotiate with insurance adjusters, and advocate on your behalf so you can focus on healing.  Our legal team can investigate the true cause of the accident by checking security footage, or speaking to witnesses. We are committed to helping our clients get the medical treatment they need and the full justice they deserve after being injured in a motorcycle crash due to not fault of their own.

What Can a South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

While not all injury claims require the help of a South Carolina injury lawyer, there are many situations where an injured person benefits from working with an experienced attorney. If you sustained serious injuries in a crash and have growing medical bills, or if the insurance company is dragging out the claims process, an attorney can handle the legal process for you, so you can focus on healing. At our firm, you can rest easy knowing that our legal team will handle the following aspects of your case:

Protection of Legal Rights

Our experienced personal injury lawyers can help protect your legal rights and help you seek full, fair compensation. They will provide guidance on what actions to take and what to avoid, especially when dealing with insurance companies or the other party's legal representatives.

Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Our team has the resources and knowledge to investigate your crash thoroughly. We will collect crucial evidence, such as accident reports, witness statements, and expert opinions, to build a strong case on your behalf.

Calculating Damages

Injuries from motorcycle accidents can result in substantial medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our lawyers can help assess the full extent of your damages, including future expenses, to ensure you receive fair compensation.

At our firm, we believe that your story far extends beyond your medical bills. We want to learn about you as a person, how your life has been affected by the crash, and the injuries you sustained. When we are calculating damages in our cases, we focus on both economic and non-economic damages to help you seek full justice.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often try to minimize their payouts. Our injury lawyers can negotiate with the at-fault party's insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you are not pressured into accepting a low settlement offer.

Familiarity with South Carolina’s Motorcycle Laws

Laws and regulations regarding motorcycle accidents can be complex. We are here to advocate for you and your family to make sure you are treated fairly throughout your case.

Peace of Mind

Dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be stressful, especially if you are coping with injuries. Hiring a lawyer can relieve some of the burden and allow you to focus on your recovery while we handle the legal aspects of your case.

Trial Representation

If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, our lawyers can represent you in court, presenting your case to a judge and jury so they can determine a full, fair outcome.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case. This arrangement can make legal representation accessible to individuals who may not have the financial means to pay for legal services upfront. Our firm offers free consultations and always works on a contingency fee basis.

Disputing Liability After a Motorcycle Crash in South Carolina

Determining fault in a motorcycle wreck can be a complex process. In some cases, it may be clear who was at fault for the crash, but in other cases, there may be disputes over liability. The police at the scene, insurance companies, and legal teams will investigate and determine liability.

There may be differing opinions on the cause of the crash, however. If you believe you were wrongly found to be at fault for the wreck, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you navigate through the claims process and ensure that liability is not unjustly placed on you.

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