Supervision in south carolina daycareParents ought to be confident in the supervision their children receive when they drop them off at an Orangeburg daycare. You should not have to worry whether your son or daughter is being properly looked after. You should not have to question whether a child hurt at daycare is the result of a simple accident or negligent supervision. As a lawyer helping injured kids in Orangeburg, I am familiar with South Carolina’s daycare laws and your child’s rights.

SC Laws for Supervision at Daycare Facilities

Not only should the daycare facility have policies in place to ensure your child is supervised, they must also comply with state law. In South Carolina, children shall be “directly supervised at all times by qualified staff persons.” If your child is an infant or toddler, direct supervision means a qualified staff person must always have your baby in sight. If your child is preschool or school-age, direct supervision means a qualified staff person must be nearby, aware of all physical activity, and ready to intervene when necessary. Our legislature also demands that no less than two staff members be at the daycare center at all times. The number of teachers per class depends on the number of children in your son or daughter’s group.

Holding Daycares Liable for Negligence

South Carolina’s daycare laws are intended to protect your children. When a facility violates the law and fails to properly supervise your son or daughter, they have committed negligence. If your child gets hurt at daycare as a result of the facility choosing not to meet its legal responsibilities, your family may be allowed to recover damages. My job as a lawyer for injured kids in Orangeburg is to hold negligent daycares and other wrongdoers accountable for the harm they cause. Our children cannot always protect themselves. When the people charged with protecting them fail, there are consequences – not only for children but for those who failed them. If you want answers, call me at (803) 790-2800 or start a live chat

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