Were you injured in a car accident in Spartanburg? We know that car wrecks have a way of turning your life upside down. One moment you are driving to work and the next you are left hurting, dealing with pushy insurance adjusters, struggling to pay medical bills, and juggling doctors’ appointments.

If you were harmed in a Spartanburg car accident, our team is here to support and guide you and your family as you try to get back to life as normal. We pride ourselves on removing the burdens of the collision off your shoulders and holding the at-fault party accountable, so you can focus on healing. Contact our South Carolina personal injury attorney today at 864-501-5619 for a free consultation to see how we can help you seek a full, fair recovery.


Seeking Compensation After a Car Wreck in Spartanburg serious car wreck into another car on a south carolina highway

In South Carolina, the law says you are entitled to seek damages (or compensation) to cover any harms and losses you experience after a car accident caused by another person’s recklessness or negligence. It is important to know though that this compensation rarely comes easily. People that suffer serious or life-changing injuries in a collision often benefit from hiring an experienced car accident lawyer to advocate on their behalf and help them secure a fair recovery.

In a car accident, damages are often given in relation to:


How Much Is My Car Accident Case Worth?

Every car accident is different, but the value of your case can be determined by many factors including:

Insurance Policy Limits

Your financial recovery might be impacted by how much insurance coverage the responsible person/company had at the time of the accident. In South Carolina, the minimum auto insurance policy limit for noncommercial policies is $25,000 per person, but they can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, in coverage. The policy limits represent the largest amount of money an insurance company will pay toward a claim. If the policy limits of the at fault driver are not large enough to cover your damages, you may be able to file an underinsured motorist claim against your own policy as well. 

Severity of Injury

If you suffered a life-changing injury in a crash, you are likely having to deal with large medical bills, lost wages, and major lifestyle changes. These factors may affect the value of your injury claim.

Cause of the Accident

If the driver that caused the wreck was being grossly negligent, such as texting while driving or driving under the influence, they may be forced to pay punitive damages in addition to the other damages in your case to discourage the dangerous behaviors in the future.

Whether or Not Commercial Vehicles Were Involved

If the at fault driver was on the clock when they crashed into you, you may be able to file an injury claim against the employer’s commercial insurance policy to cover your losses. Commercial insurance policies typically have higher policy limits, so more is available to recover if needed.

It’s important to keep in mind that every personal injury case is unique. Contact our personal injury firm for a free consultation so we can look into the specifics of your case and see if we can help you or if you’d be better off handling your case on your own.


Filing a Personal Injury Claim After a Collision in Spartanburg

South Carolina is an at-fault state which means the driver that is responsible for causing the car wreck must use their insurance to cover the harm experienced by the other driver.  

If you were not at fault in the accident, you can begin the injury claims process by contacting the insurance provider of the at fault driver (identified on the FR-10 or police accident report) and informing them of the collision. You will then be contacted by an insurance adjuster who will gather more information from you and begin negotiating a claims settlement.

It is recommended to at least contact a personal injury lawyer after an accident to discuss your case. Our personal injury firm offers free consultations to help you determine if you would benefit from working with an attorney.

If you suffered life-changing injuries or if the insurance adjuster is simply refusing to treat you fairly, you would likely benefit from hiring an injury lawyer to file a claim on your behalf and handle the negotiations with the insurance company.


How a Spartanburg Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Car accident attorneys spend every day advocating for their injured clients and negotiating with adjusters. If you hire an accident attorney, they should be able to maximize the value of your case by:

  • Gathering evidence, such as witness testimonies, camera footage, receipts, etc., and presenting it to the adjuster;
  • Hiring experts to help illustrate the true impact your injuries have had on your life;
  • Investigating to identify all at-fault parties and potential sources of recovery;
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies to help ensure a full, fair settlement;
  • Setting up liens for medical bills and negotiating medical liens down; and if necessary,
  • Taking your case to trial.

Most of all, your attorney should allow you to focus on healing while they navigate the legal system.

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