A child daycare facility in the state of South Carolina is one in which the center is licensed to care for 13 children or more. In order to receive this licensing, a facility must abide by all SC laws for child care, which pertain to everything from food and health care provisions to property inspections and staffing. Daycare facility licenses are given out by the Department of Social Services and last for two years.

South Carolina’s laws are intended to ensure all children are supervised in a safe and healthy environment, and by those who are qualified to provide that care. If you suspect a child daycare facility is violating these laws and your child has been injured, contact Kenneth Berger to go over your child’s injury case.

Regulations for SC Child Daycare Facilities Regulations for SC Child Daycare Facilities

Before receiving a license, a daycare facility in South Carolina must adhere to regulations and adhere to a specific set of standards. In addition, the center’s director, co-directors and staff must also meet certain requirements before the facility can begin operation.

State laws require that a licensed daycare center meet the following standards:

  • Have a director or co-director who is at least 21 years of age and meets certain education requirements. This individual must have one of the following: bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, diploma in child development/early childhood education from state-approved institution, child development associate credential, high school diploma, or GED. Appropriate experience is also required based on the individual’s education.
  • Located on a property that has appropriate zoning approval.
  • Submitted architectural blueprints to the Department of Social Services Child Care Fire and Life Safety Department.
  • Passed a fire inspection and sanitation inspection.
  • Staffed by employees who are certified in first aid and CPR.
  • Passed a childcare licensing inspection.
  • Submitted fingerprints and complete background checks for all employees.

A representative from DSS will make two unannounced visits per year at every registered child daycare facility in the state.

During the Department of Social Services (DSS) visit, the representative will inspect the facility to ensure that:

  • the property is maintained;
  • that staff and directors are following all regulations; and
  • that the children are cared for properly.

They may also speak to staff, children or parents while visiting.

Additionally, a DSS representative may also visit a facility in response to a complaint in which abuse or neglect of a child has been reported.

Violating SC Laws for Child Care

Unfortunately, despite the strict laws for child care that are in place, some daycare centers still fail to provide a safe environment for the children in their care, sometimes even leading to neglect or abuse. This may be the case if facilities hire unqualified employees or employees with a criminal background, fail to properly maintain the facility, or are simply understaffed.

According to Child Care Aware, there are more than 1,800 daycare centers in South Carolina. If you suspect a facility may be violating SC laws for child care and your child has been injured, order our free injury book or call 803-790-2800 to speak with the South Carolina child injury lawyer Kenneth E. Berger. Our team can help you in a claim against the child daycare facility in question.

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