Too many wrongful deaths occur in South Carolina as a result of nursing home negligence. Seniors enter assisted living and nursing facilities because they can no longer care for themselves. Nursing homes take on this duty of care and, in return, receive money. While the system produces profits, it should also lead to healthier, happier lives for our elders. Unfortunately, some senior care facilities have far more trouble properly caring for patients than they do accepting money.

How Negligence Can Lead to Death in SC Nursing Homes

Elderly falling in nursing homeWhen a nursing home’s abuse or neglect causes harm – including death – the nursing home must accept responsibility. Many nursing home deaths are caused by safety rule violations. For example, a nurse might fail to properly turn and reposition a patient in bed. This failure could result in bedsores. When the same nurse also fails to check for bedsores or properly treat them, the sores can become deadly. Likewise, when staff members choose not to sanitize a patient’s room, sheets, or eating area, infections are allowed to spread. Our seniors are in nursing homes because they are vulnerable to many things, especially infection. Therefore, when unsanitary conditions are permitted to develop, seniors are placed at high risk.

Falls are another common, at times fatal, type of injury. Sometimes falls are completely unforeseeable and unpreventable. Conversely, in many instances, patients fall because the nursing home chose not to take all necessary precautions. It may be due to wet floors, loose cords, or an automatic door with no motion sensor. Whatever the reason, if a safety violation caused the fall, the nursing home bears responsibility. Falls are dangerous to seniors not only because they can lead to broken bones, but also swelling of the brain. These subdural hematomas, like broken hips, can be deadly.

Holding Nursing Homes Legally Accountable

There are other nursing home safety violations that can produce tragic consequences. While I hope that your family never has to question the circumstances surrounding a loved one’s death, if you have suspicions, asking questions may be the only way to bring peace of mind. A South Carolina nursing home neglect lawyer can help you ask the right questions, and work to ensure the facility responsible for your loved one’s care is held responsible for any wrongful death they caused. 

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