Dog Alerts Parents to a Babysitter's Child Abuse in South Carolina

Posted on Oct 03, 2013

Last week in South Carolina, a babysitter was convicted of child abuse. Sadly, these stories have become too common, whether the abuse is at the hands of a babysitter or daycare teacher. What makes this story extraordinary, however, is that it was a dog that alerted the infant’s parents to the abuse.

Seven month-old Finn Jordan’s parents first became suspicious when their dog, Killian, began growling at the 22 year-old babysitter. As Killian would stand between the babysitter and Finn, the fur would stand up on the back of his neck. Killian is a friendly dog, making his aggressive behavior a mystery for some time.

To figure out the problem, Finn’s parents placed an iPhone under the couch and recorded the babysitter. On the recording, the babysitter can be heard cursing at Finn and calling him expletives. You can also hear noises that sound like slapping and shaking, along with the baby’s cries. The police were alerted and a full confession was obtained from the babysitter. Fortunately, doctors found Finn to be in good health upon examination.

The judge sentenced the abusive babysitter to a maximum of three years in prison, and also placed her on the registry of child abusers. Finn’s father said, “Who knows how many children she has abused or how many more she would have, had it not been for our dog.”

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of child abuse. Although Finn was too young to inform his parents of the abuse, thanks to Killian, the parents caught the babysitter before any more harm could be done.

Killian is not only a hero, but he is now training to be a psychiatric service animal. Likewise, Finn’s parents should be commended for their awareness, intuition, and swift action in removing their baby from harm’s way.

Victims of child abuse in South Carolina are not always as fortunate as Finn. Likewise, families of children who are abused by South Carolina daycare teachers, babysitters, and family acquaintances do not usually have a guardian angel like Killian. If your family needs help pursuing justice, while seeking to ensure that a child abuser is held responsible for the harm they caused your son or daughter, call me today at (803) 790-2800. 


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