Father of injured car wreck victim in ColumbiaMy daughter was hurt in a bad car accident. I was 100 percent concerned with my daughter - the focus was totally on her. I was looking for honesty in a law firm. I wanted someone to represent us, so that I could focus on taking care of her. The Law Office of Kenneth Berger was very hands-on. Kenny came and met us at the hospital, and while she was going through physical therapy, they came to our house. It allowed me to concentrate on her. We were treated really, really, really good, and the communication was top-notch. 

Honestly, I don't think they could have done anything better. We got some closure and helped secure something for my daughter's future. This firm is professional, compassionate, authoritative, firm, and very family-oriented. 

Will T. of Columbia, SC, Parent of Car Accident Victim