My name is Linda Marie Olsen that I went to the University of South Carolina for my undergraduate degree and now I'm attending the University of Houston and for my PhD in social work when I was in my sophomore year here at South Carolina I was in a pretty bad car accident near the football stadium and I was rear-ended and as a result my meniscus and then also had a pretty severe concussion and so I've had numerous surgeries since to try and repair than my knee and like I think what surprised me the most about the law office of Kenney burger was just how easily they wanted to work with and get along with and for me especially as an undergrad student and the thought of getting a lawyer and having to navigate that process was very stressful and that he made it so much more easy to understand and he wasn't concerned just about my case but it was also concerned about how I was doing in school and that socially and all of the other aspects of my life outside of my car accident one of the things I enjoyed the most was that it wasn't always Kenny I was reaching out to but other team members were very much so in the know of what was going on with my case lemon could answer any questions that I had to I would a hundred percent recommend the law office of Kenny Berger and I think that if you are in need of a lawyer and you need someone that's going to be engaged with you both professionally and personally and this is the place to go and you're going to walk in automatically feel welcomes and the team and him are so hospitable and they will do whatever they can to meet your needs and so I would highly recommend them and if you are looking for a lawyer.

When Lindamarie was a sophomore at the University of South Carolina, she was reared and suffered a concussion and a knee injury. She was looking for an attorney who would guide her through the legal process as she underwent multiple surgeries to heal her leg.

In the video above, she explains how Kenny was concerned about more than just her case - he was concerned about how the accident affected her life as a whole. Now that her case is over, Lindamarie 100 percent recommends the Law Office of Kenneth Berger for anyone who wants a lawyer who will be engaged personally and professionally throughout their injury case.

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We take pride in educating our clients about the legal process and what they should know after a car wreck to protect their legal rights. On this page, we cover:

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