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Trucking collisions and car crashes alike can cause serious, life-changing injuries in the blink of an eye. However, they are very different and fewer South Carolina attorneys focus on tractor trailer accidents. Columbia lawyer, Kenneth Berger, has helped families across the state affected by the negligence of others and wants to do the same for you. In this video, he explains the reality behind these often catastrophic events and how experience has shown they aren't really "accidents" after all.

After such misfortune, injured people and their families are faced with questions, and despite what insurance companies claim, 18 wheeler collisions are rarely "unavoidable." Many businesses put our community at risk by hiring under-qualified, under-trained drivers, then sending them out on our roadways. As a result of their negligence, good people get hurt and some even killed.

18 wheeler crashes require attorneys to take immediate action in order to collect and preserve evidence. Allow us to investigate the details of your case and work to ensure the truth is uncovered. Please call our Columbia office today (803) 790-2800 to set up a free consultation and protect your rights against the insurance company. 

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