Find Out Whether You Should Be Receiving a Workers' Compensation Check in South Carolina

In South Carolina, an injured employee should receive workers' compensation checks if their on-the-job accident is preventing them from earning as much money as before the accident. In other words, if a doctor has put you out of work, or on light duty, and your earnings have decreased, you ought to receive a weekly check from your employer's workers' comp insurer. The check should equal 2/3s of the difference between what you were making prior to getting hurt on the job, and what you are making now.

Under South Carolina law, these checks ought to continue from the time a doctor issues work restrictions until one of two things happens: either you return to work on a full time basis (i.e. making as much money as before) or you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI).

If you have any questions about workers' compensation benefits, you are not alone. The system is unfamiliar to most people, and confusing to anyone who doesn't represent injured people 7 days a week. For answers to your questions - and to ensure you are receiving your full benefit under the law - call me at (803) 790-2800.  

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