So our client had just gotten off work at Food Lion and was on her way home. She approached an intersection where the light for her was green. She drove through the intersection, but at the same time, a tow truck turned left right in front of her. I was at home around 11:00 p.m. when I received a phone call telling me that my daughter was in the hospital and had been in a car accident. It just seemed like the ride there took forever; I couldn't get there fast enough.

Finally, they released her to me. She still had glass in her face, she was in a wheelchair, and she was out of it. I finally received the police report. The truck driver initially lied about what color the light was. Zasa didn't get to tell her side of the story because she was going to the hospital with glass in her face and a brain injury. I knew immediately that I needed to get a lawyer for my daughter.

A state Trooper was sitting at the intersection, and he had his dash cam on. You see it plain as day on this cop's dash cam exactly what happened, and it wasn't what the repo driver said. Thankfully, my attorney retrieved the video and sent it to us. Zasa had a green light; she's going straight, and the tow truck turns left in front of her. There was nothing she could do; she didn't have a chance.

I had concerns about my daughter because throughout the weeks, things were changing. She started having anger issues, and this was not my daughter. I was concerned, and I would call up my attorneys. They would say, "Just hold on, let us do some research." They found the best medical team.

When we settled, I remember talking to Mari over the phone, and she started crying tears of joy. She knew that with that money, Zasa would be able to really start her life. At the end of the day, we were able to hold the insurance company fully accountable. We were able to hold the tow truck driver and his employer fully accountable, not just for the harm he caused but for the lie he tried to tell.

Trust and believe that this firm is the best because they treat you like family. They listen to your concerns, and if you have questions, they give you answers. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, give them a call.

Costs of a Traumatic Brain Injury

As a Columbia, South Carolina,TBI Scan brain injury lawyer handling cases across the state, I've seen how difficult the road to recovery from a closed head injury can be. Aside from the severe and life-threatening effects a TBI can have on your health, it can also put tremendous strain on your finances. Whether it be an auto accident, fall, sports-related incident, or some other cause, brain injuries can lead to astronomical expenses. The costs often include extended stays in the hospital, surgical procedures, long-term medical care, and intensive rehabilitation.

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, traumatic brain injuries cost a total of $76.3 billion in the United States in 2010. While most insurers and federally-funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid cover the costs associated with saving a TBI victim's life, i.e., brain surgery and intensive medical care, benefits fall short in the way of rehabilitation programs that help the victim relearn skills and abilities he or she lost as a result of the brain trauma. The unfortunate result is thousands of brain trauma patients are forced to go without rehabilitative treatment.

Proper rehabilitation and medical treatment does not have to mean financial ruin. If a person or business’s negligence caused you to sustain a TBI, an injury attorney can help you hold them legally and financially responsible for their actions and the expenses you incurred.

What You Can Expect When Working with Our TBI Lawyers

Dedication to a Just Result

The Law Office of Kenneth Berger has handled many traumatic brain injury cases in South Carolina and throughout the country. We understand that compensation can’t take back what has happened to you, but we do believe that a rightful settlement can ease your financial stress and allow you to focus on your recovery. We work hard to ensure the at-fault party’s insurance company provides fair and full compensation for the effects of your TBI.

Assistance Finding Qualified Medical Care

Traumatic brain injury cases can be complicated and difficult to litigate. Many TBIs are not detected by an MRI or CT scan, which can make it hard to identify the full scope of your injury. Our firm works diligently to connect you with qualified medical providers who can accurately diagnose you.

Time and Resources Invested in Your Case

We also utilize our experience and knowledge to help insurance adjusters understand the impact your TBI has had on your everyday life. TBI is a leading cause of disability and death in South Carolina, and when someone else caused the injury, they should be held accountable. Our firm is dedicated to negotiating on your behalf. We are prepared to invest the proper resources if your case goes to trial. We spend time gathering detailed evidence, reviewing medical records, and hiring expert consultants to ensure you are properly compensated for every harm and loss a negligent party caused. Every TBI case is different and our firm works hard to make sure your unique needs are met.

Do Not Become a Victim of Injustice After a Traumatic Brain Injury: Contact Kenneth Berger

I cannot take back what happened to you, but I will work hard to make sure the at-fault party's insurance company provides fair and full compensation for the effects of your TBI. Everyone who walks through my door is treated with respect, and that is exactly what you will be shown from the first time we speak until your case ends. 

A traumatic brain injury can happen to anyone. Victims and their families do not have to feel alone. Our firm has handled many traumatic brain injury cases in South Carolina and we are here to answer your questions and provide guidance.

If you or a loved one suffered a TBI in South Carolina - be it in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, or elsewhere - contact me today for a free consultation at 803-790-2800 or by using the live chat feature below.