Nerve damage after a car wreck: what it is and what you can do about it. My name is Kenneth Berger; I handle life-changing injury and wrongful death cases across the state of South Carolina and made this video specifically to address cases involving nerve damage

What Does Nerve Damage Look Like After a Car Accident?

Car cccidents can cause nerve damage in South Carolina driversSo what we know, in the sense of biomechanics and just common sense, is that the sudden force of one vehicle hitting another one creates a heck of a lot of transfer of force that can cause damage to someone's head, neck, spine, throughout the body, really, and that can compress and damage nerves. Signs of nerve damage; and if you're watching this, you're probably already aware of it, and if you are, I'm sorry for what you're going through.

But the classic signs are numbness; a loss of sensation; tingling; be it in the hands, arms, legs, or various parts of the body. Nerve damage can also produce burning, stabbing, and shooting pains. Likewise, it can lead to muscle weakness and decreased reflexes, and when it's in the neck and face, it can result in headaches. 

A classic type of nerve damage that a lot of our clients have dealt with over the years is known as occipital neuralgia and that feels a lot like a headache. But what it is, occipital, we're talking about back here, neuralgia, again that nerve problem and it crawls up the back of your head and forms what's known as a rams horn pattern coming over the top. That's actually caused by inflammation of these occipital nerves and a lot of times that's associated with a head injury, neck injury, and pinched nerves throughout that area near the base of the skull. 

Why You Need a South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer after a Car Wreck

Nerve damage can be an invisible injury, but it doesn't have invisible consequences in your life and the pain that you're feeling certainly doesn't have invisible consequences in your life. Our team has spent a lot of time, I mean years upon years, learning about medicine, learning from treating doctors, and learning from medical experts as it pertains not only to nerve damage but other types of injuries.

What we found is that the doctors and medical experts can talk about the why; why you're experiencing these symptoms and then the people closest to you; friends, family neighbors, and co-workers; those people can talk about how your life is being affected. So what we try to do is bring together the why in the medical sense, and the how in terms of quality of life sense and we found that those two factors brought together, when fused together, are key components to getting good resolutions, be it in the form of settlements or verdicts on behalf of clients.

So if you're dealing with a nerve injury, again, I'm terribly sorry for what you're going through. If you have any questions whatsoever related to your medical care or related to the underlying accident itself, feel free to reach out to us. We're glad to help in any way possible. Again, my name is Kenny Berger and I appreciate you taking time to watch this video we look forward to hearing from you very soon. Thank you.