Pre-Existing Conditions Should Not Hurt Your Claim

Before watching this video, you may have been misled into believing that preexisting conditions or prior injuries would hurt your auto accident claim. In truth, preexisting ailments often help you receive a fair outcome. In South Carolina, the at-fault party takes you as they find you. Neither the at-fault driver or their insurance company is allowed to get away with the harm they cause. In other words, they cannot blame you for their recklessness. 

Preexisting conditions are often the explanation behind why you one person is hurt worse in a car crash than someone else. For instance, if a middle-aged driver is struck from behind, they may be more vulnerable to a back injury than a young adult due to weakened discs between their vertebrae.

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Everyone has some form of preexisting condition. If your health or prior injury was made worse because another driver crashed into you, don't be deceived: South Carolina's auto accident laws are designed to compensate you for every harm, loss, and injury a negligent driver causes. If you have questions, or need help protecting yourself against an insurance company, call me for a free consultation at (803) 790-2800 or you can contact us by using the live chat box below. 

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