Resources and More Available From Child Injury

South Carolina child injury lawyer Kenneth E. Berger introduces these useful resources on his firm's website.

Mr. Berger is a lawyer with experience handling child injury cases. As a result, he has designed his website to answer questions and offer solutions to your situation.

Your child may have been injured at school, from an unsafe product, or at daycare. No matter how your child was injured, Mr. Berger's website is dedicated to provide a starting point for learning your rights and receiving justice.

This includes many short articles written for the families of injured children. Mr. Berger has contributed his knowledge in daycare, school, and manufacturing rules to these articles.

As a parent or guardian, you have a right to know what these rules are. Learn more by reading the articles on Mr. Berger's website or give him a call today at 803-790-2800


Kenneth Berger
Columbia South Carolina attorney dedicated to securing justice by helping the truly injured