What South Carolina Parents Need to Know About Day Care Laws

Kenneth E. Berger, a Columbia child personal injury attorney, explains the South Carolina daycare laws that were put in place to protect your child.

With many households needing two incomes to make ends meet, daycare is a common daily experience for many. When dropping your child off at a daycare facility, a lot of trust is needed—trust that the personnel at the facility will operate with the highest degree of care and love and trust that the facility is a safe and clean place for your child.

It is not only the parents that have these expectations on daycare facilities. South Carolina lawmakers do as well. In fact, South Carolina Law requires that daycares follow a set of strict guidelines, like

1. All electrical outlets must be covered
2. Decks must have protective railings in place
3. Anything that can cause a burn must be inaccessible
4. Children must be kept safe from bullying and injury from other students
5. All daycare workers must have their background checked before being hired

If your child has been harmed or injured while at a day care facility or if you have any additional questions, call South Carolina child personal injury lawyer Kenneth E. Berger at 803-790-2800

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