Transcript: fireman helping to open windshield after accident in South Carolina

Hi, my name is Kenneth Berger, and I made this video to answer questions you may have if you were injured as a passenger in someone's vehicle. The first thing to know of course is that it's not your fault, right? The next thing that we're going to look at is who is responsible, and whoever is responsible, if it was someone - a third party - who ran into the car that you were in, and they're at fault, then we're going work against their liability carrier. Or if it turns out that the driver of the car that you were in is the one at fault, then that's something that we're glad to talk with you about and decide if you want to pursue a claim with their liability policy. But we always start with whoever's at fault.

Again, whoever's legally responsible for your harm, we want to make sure that their insurance company is the first place we start. If after dealing with their insurance company, there still isn't enough insurance coverage to make you whole, to provide you with full recovery for all your harm - for your economic loss, what's known as non-economic loss, then at that point, we'd start looking at what's known as underinsured motorist coverage, and when it comes to underinsured motorist coverage, that's not a situation where we would be quote-unquote suing your insurance company or suing your friend or family member's insurance company, any type of claim would still be against the at-fault driver. It's simply a question of which insurance companies are then stepping in to help out and do what insurance is supposed to do, which is to help out in the event of accidents. It's what people are paying for, and in those situations, we'd much rather see a deserving person like you receive some of that insurance money back than the insurance company just continue to hold onto the money without upholding their end of the deal.

So, if you have any questions whatsoever about injuries that you sustained as a passenger in a vehicle, feel free to reach out to us. I know a lot of times, these can be sensitive subjects because you may have been riding with a family member or friend and you certainly don't want to bring a lawsuit against that person, which we fully understand. Our South Carolina auto accident attorney just wants to make sure that you're fully informed and fully protected, and a lot of times, the easiest way to do that is just by contacting us and getting some questions answered and get a free consultation. So once more, if we can help in any way possible, if you have any uncertainties whatsoever, reach out and we're glad to speak with you. Thanks so much.

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