Hi, my name is Kenneth Berger, and I wanted to make a video on school bus accidents to answer any questions that parents may have if their child was unfortunately involved in one of these collisions. So, as parents, we should be able to trust that when our kids get on a school bus, that the driver and the school district are going to safely transport them to their school, and unfortunately, that's not always the case. School bus accidents, our South Carolina auto accident lawyer has found, can have any number of different causes. It may be that the bus driver simply isn't qualified to be driving a large vehicle. It may be that the bus driver was qualified at the time of hiring, but hasn't gotten any training whatsoever to operate a bus or a new bus. Or, it may be that this is an old bus, and it's got a defective design by the school bus manufacturer, that the district knew about and simply didn't change. We've also seen school bus accidents where the buses have been improperly maintained or improperly prepared by a private repair shop. And lastly, of course, other drivers, right? Drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and other people on the roadway may run into the school bus and cause harm.

So, the next question becomes - is after one of these school bus accidents, who in South Carolina or who under the law, is it that can be held responsible? You always start with whoever the at-fault driver was, so if it was the driver of a separate vehicle that ran into the bus, it would be that driver. If it's the school bus driver, then the school bus driver. But in addition to the school bus driver, you may have situations again where there was negligent hiring or negligent training, and that invokes the school district. You may have a situation, again, where there's a known defect in the bus’s design, and that would implicate the bus manufacturer. And once more, there may have been a negligent or reckless repair and maintenance work done, and that's where the repair company, possibly in addition to the driver or district, is also going to be tied in. The big thing to know, and kind of the bottom line, is that whoever contributed, right? Whoever's negligence contributed to the collision, is who we're going to want to hold accountable. And when it comes to accountability, we want to make sure that they're held fully accountable for all damages that they caused your child and your family past, present, and future. school bus with stop side showing on the side

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If you have any questions, whatsoever, about school bus accidents in South Carolina, for better or worse, we've done a number of these cases and helped a number of young children and young people, and their families, and are certainly glad to answer any questions you may have, be it through a phone call, a free consultation, or otherwise. So, reach out to us, and certainly know that, again, we're here to provide guidance and assistance in whatever way possible.

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