Common Work Related Injuries in South Carolina

When you're injured at work and dealing with workers' compensation, you may wonder how your injury compares with those suffered by other workers in South Carolina. Many people assume that their injury is actually not a "big deal," and people don't usually file for benefits because of it. But all too often, your injury can be more serious than you thought.

The bottom line is that any injury that affects your ability to do your job properly is enough to warrant a workers' compensation claim. However, out of the estimated 2.8 million Americans who are injured at work every year, it is always interesting to know what some of the most common workers' comp injuries are and what causes them.

4 of the Most Common Workers' Comp Injuries in South Carolina

  1. Workplace injuries warning signSlips and trips. Slips and trips are so common because they can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. All it takes is one loose computer cord or one warped floorboard to cause a person to lose their balance and take a hard fall.
  2. Falls. These falls are primarily those that occur when someone is high in the air, perhaps on a lift, ladder, or scaffolding. Construction workers and those whose jobs involve manual labor are frequent victims of falls that can lead to serious workplace injuries.
  3. Repetitive motion. Repetitive motion injuries can affect people in many different industries. Someone who sits at a desk all day and types could suffer carpal tunnel syndrome, while a factory worker who feeds stock into a machine could also wear his body down by performing the same motion all day long. Many employees aren't sure whether they are allowed to file workers' comp for these injuries, because they develop over time rather than happen in one sudden event. The answer: yes, repetitive motion injuries can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in South Carolina.
  4. Motor vehicle accidents. Driving a car, truck, or van all day is common in many different occupations, and unfortunately, drivers are not immune from the dangers of the road when they're on the clock. Traffic accidents include some of the most common—and most devastating—injuries covered by workers’ compensation.

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