The Accident

In January 2015, an intoxicated young woman gets behind the wheel of her car after taking multiple shots. Her blood alcohol level is approximately twice the legal limit in South Carolina. She begins driving toward downtown Columbia. When she reaches I-126, she gets on the off-ramp and starts traveling in the wrong direction. The drunk driver crashes head on into an innocent woman who is traveling in the right direction. The vehicles are destroyed. The interstate is covered in debris.

The Injuries

Our client survives the nightmarish DUI crash, but is left with life changing injuries, including a right femoral fracture, two fractures in her left foot, and a left orbital fracture. She also develops acute blood loss anemia due to the trauma. She spends 3 weeks at a physical rehabilitation unit in Columbia working to regain her ability to walk. Her medical expenses from the accident grow to over $184,000.00. 

How We Helped

After battling with the auto insurance carrier over specific language in the policy, we were able to get it reformed so as to provide 150% of the stated coverage. This resulted in a much larger settlement on our client's behalf. Likewise, we successfully negotiated her health insurance lien down as low as possible to maximize her net recovery. 

Our client, like many of the DUI victims we have represented in South Carolina, was severely injured and further crippled with fear when we met her. Throughout her accident case, however, we watched as she recovered both physically and mentally. She repeatedly stated how grateful she was to have our law firm on her side so that she could concentrate on getting better while we dealt with the legal and insurance issues. 

Drunk driving is a plague on South Carolina's highways. It kills and maims innocent people. Our hope is that by holding DUI drivers accountable for the injuries they cause, our roads will become at least a little safer for Columbia families, and for all those who pass through our city.

Get Legal Help After a DUI Accident

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