In South Carolina, when bars and restaurants over-serve a customer who then chooses to drive drunk, the business can be held legally and financially responsible for the harm caused by the drunk driving wreck. 

Every night, bars, restaurants, and other establishments “over serve” patrons, then put them on our roadways. Whether it be a second bottle of wine in a fine restaurant or too many rounds of tequila in a college bar, businesses often sell far more alcohol to a driver than should be consumed before hitting the road. When this happens, our community is put at risk and the likelihood of serious car accidents increases.

Holding Bars and Restaurants Accountable For Over Serving Alcohol

Bars and restaurants are in business to make money. Alcohol produces huge profits for many of them. I recognize that owners of these establishments must sell large quantities of beer, wine, and liquor if they are to make a living. That is perfectly understandable. As a lawyer, I am also a small business owner, and not one to interfere with free enterprise. However, if these establishments are going to engage in over-serving, they must accept the responsibilities that come with that activity.

Dram Shop Laws in South Carolina

south carolina dram shop liability lawsIn South Carolina, one of those responsibilities is known as “dram shop liability.” The idea is that if you get someone drunk, you are in part responsible for what the drunk person does when he leaves your establishment. For instance, if a restaurant “over serves” a couple with complimentary champagne after the couple has already consumed two bottles of wine, the restaurant may be liable if the husband crashes into an innocent driver on the way home. Likewise, if a bar hosts a college party and one of the young girls drinks too much liquor then strikes a pedestrian, the bar could be held in part responsible.

My job as a South Carolina drunk driving accident lawyer is to help injured people receive full compensation for their losses. The only way to achieve that aim is to hold at-fault parties liable for the harm they cause or set in motion. Therefore, when a drunk driver injures or kills an innocent person, South Carolina dram shop laws say that the drunk driver as well as the bars and restaurants that set the foreseeable event in motion must be held accountable. Otherwise, the loss falls on the shoulders of the innocent.

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