On June 16, 2013, Defendant M violated multiple traffic laws before crashing into Mr. V's motorcycle. The collision occurred in Columbia, SC. Mr. V had possession of the intersection (i.e. the right of way under South Carolina law) when Defendant M chose to run a red light and endanger Mr. V's life. The collision resulted in Mr. V’s right arm going through Defendant M’s back window. Defendant M’s recklessness also caused Mr. V to be thrown from his motorcycle, leaving him bloodied and barely conscious. Compensation was the last thing on Mr. V's mind as he lay motionless in the roadway with permanent scarring.  

When Richland County EMS arrived at the crash site, they found Mr. V on the ground, dazed and with his right arm covered in blood. The paramedics placed Mr. V on a cervical immobilization board with a c-collar before rushing him to Lexington Medical Center (“LMC”). LMC’s emergency team diagnosed Mr. V with an open wound to his right elbow, contusion of his chest wall, and severe swelling in his left ankle. Upon discharge, LMC issued Mr. V a referral to Moore Orthopaedics (“Moore”) along with work restrictions.

On June 24, 2013, Mr. V reported pain in his right shoulder and elbow to the team at Moore. His injuries resulted in decreased motion, preventing Mr. V from returning to his job until June 27, 2013.

When Mr. V returned to Moore on July 10, 2013, the treatment team noted “residual achiness in (the) shoulder and elbow.” Scarring to the right elbow is also noted.

Mr. V sought out Columbia attorney Kenneth Berger, looking for nothing more than to be treated respectfully and to be fairly compensated for his injuries - including his scarring. Our firm was able to obtain the at-fault driver's insurance policy limits by the end of 2013. While we could not undo Mr. V's scarring, we are proud to say that the compensation he received was fair, and that the case ended with Mr. V shaking our hands and telling us how grateful he was to have us on his side. 

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