Does the Insurance Company Pay the Hospital After a Car Accident?

Unfortunately, insurance companies often provide injured people with lots of "misinformation" following a wreck. One of the most common and most egregious examples is when they tell you that they are obligated to pay the hospital directly, rather than sending you the money. In South Carolina, auto insurers are required to provide you - not your medical providers - with the settlement funds. You have an obligation to pay back the hospital and any other providers who treated you, but that obligation has nothing to do with the auto insurance companies.

There are two situations in which an insurer might attempt to mislead you into believing the money skips over your head and goes straight to the hospital:

1. Personal Injury Protection/Medical Payment Coverage

south carolina hospital insurancePersonal Injury protection, also known as "medpay," is designed to cover a portion of your medical bills. Most South Carolina drivers have $1000-$5000 dollars in medpay coverage. These funds come from your own insurance company. You receive this benefit because you pay for it as part of your premium. Thus, if you are in an accident, the medical payment funds should be mailed directly to you. It is entirely up to you whether to apply that money to your bills.

2. Liability Insurance Coverage

The at-fault driver's insurer is required to compensate you. The money you receive is for your injuries, lost earnings, and other harms. Once again, these funds must be sent directly to you because you - not the hospital - are the one that got hurt. Do not let the insurance adjuster convince you that money from your settlement should be sent to anyone else.

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