What Happens if My Company Terminates Me While I am Out on Workers' Comp in South Carolina?

Many people fear they will get fired if they pursue a workers’ compensation case in South Carolina. Other people are concerned that their boss will simply "let them go" if they can’t work because of the injury. In either situation, South Carolina law protects your rights. First, you cannot be legally terminated as punishment for seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Second, the law states that your employer must either accommodate your physical restrictions or provide you a weekly check should the work injury prevent you from performing full duty.

If a doctor puts physical restrictions on you (i.e. places you on light duty), your boss can either comply with the restrictions or have their insurance company send you a weekly check. In the event your company "let’s you go" while you are out on workers’ comp, they will have to provide you with weekly checks until a doctor releases you from his/her care.

In sum, please know that your workers' compensation benefits continue even if your boss fires you during the pendency of your claim. With that said, I strongly encourage you to be a model employee. You do not want to give your employer any excuse to let you go, or any evidence of insubordination. Should you have other questions about your rights under South Carolina's workers’ compensation system, call me at (803) 790-2800.

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