If you or your loved one is the victim of a dog bite injury in South Carolina, you will likely be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, scarring, and any emotional harm. Dog owners are “strictly liable” for the injuries their pets cause, meaning that unless the victim was trespassing or intentionally provoking the dog, the owner is responsible for his dog’s actions. In most cases, the homeowner's insurance policy will cover the losses caused by the dog bite, preventing the dog's owner from having to come "out of pocket." 

Dog Bites and Homeowner's Insurance

Dog bite insurance claim formMore than 4.5 million dog bites happen yearly. This extremely high number makes dog-related injuries the largest cause of homeowner’s insurance claims. The Insurance Information Institute states that dog-related claims recently rose to a total of $387 million. That figure grows higher each year. Due to the steady increase in dog bite claims, many insurance companies limit dog bite coverage, or exclude animal liability coverage altogether.

What Happens If Dog Owner Does Not Have Dog Bite Insurance?

Even if a homeowner does not have dog bite insurance, you may still file a legal claim against the individual. If you are hesitant to bring such a claim, I understand your concern. I would have a tough time seeking compensation from a dog owner, but at the same time, I would not want to shoulder the burden of medical bills that I would not have but for someone else’s animal.

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