How Much Should You Be Compensated For Medical Bills in a Personal Injury Case?

After an accident, most people are left seeking answers concerning medical bills and insurance issues. Please know that under South Carolina personal injury law, the at-fault party’s insurance company owes you the total cost of all accident-related medical treatment. In practical terms, the liability insurer cannot compensate you less simply because you have health insurance.

Liable Party Is Required To Pay You Full Cost of Medical Care

Insurance must cover your medical billsThe law recognizes that it would be unfair to compensate two otherwise equal people – one who possesses health insurance and one who does not – at different levels. The at-fault party’s insurer cannot claim to owe you only co-pays or deductibles. For example, even though Blue Cross/Blue Shield may only have to pay 60% of your medical bill, and while you may only be responsible for a 10% co-pay, the liability carrier would be required to compensate you for the “total, unadjusted” cost of medical care.

Insurance Adjusters Often Give You As Little As Possible

Insurance adjusters often try to talk unrepresented people into accepting compensation for nothing more than co-pays. Adjusters then use that small number to justify offering you a menial sum for other damages such as lost mobility, mental anguish, pain, and lost enjoyment of life. Do not accept this deceitful practice; it is a misrepresentation of South Carolina law that should not be tolerated.

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