The brightest, hardest working personal injury lawyers I know represent only a limited number of clients. Their cases do not involve petty disputes or minor injuries. These attorneys make a difference in family's lives and our community. If you are in search of one of Columbia, South Carolina's best personal injury lawyers, you ought to know where to look, who to ask, and what truly places these people at the top of the profession. Below you will find three questions you should ask before signing any paperwork.

1. What Do Former Clients & Colleagues Say About this Injury Attorney?

5 star personal injury attorney reviews in South CarolinaAsk people you trust about their experience with various attorneys. You can also go online and see which lawyer you think would be best for your case. Many of my top cases come from client referrals. Likewise, there are a number of other lawyers who refer me cases involving serious injury because they trust me. If you want to find out what some of these former clients and fellow attorneys are saying about my firm, I encourage you to visit our testimonials page.

2. Does the Lawyer Focus Specifically on Injury Cases Like Yours?

The era of general practice has ended. Many lawyers choose one or two areas to concentrate upon, rather than attempting to be jack-of-all-trades. For instance, I do not handle family law, real estate, or criminal defense cases. I only represent individuals who have been physically harmed due to another party’s negligence or recklessness. Regardless of how long an attorney has been in practice, make sure they have handled life-changing personal injury cases before you entrust them with protecting your rights.

3. Can You Respect the Lawyer as a Person?

Most of the top attorneys I know are active in their communities. They not only give their money to charity, they also give their time to volunteer projects. They are well respected and well liked members of various organizations, and know there is more to life than making money. They are the kinds of people you would welcome into your home, and have no reservation entrusting with your legal rights. 

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I am not ethically permitted, nor egotistical enough, to say I am the top personal injury lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina. However, I am glad to give people in search of an attorney a few tips they can follow when deciding who would be best to handle their case.

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