After suffering an injury at work, South Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws can be difficult to navigate - especially while trying to juggle doctors’ appointments, healing, and figuring out how you’ll pay bills without a steady paycheck.

As lawyers dedicated to the safety of Myrtle Beach’s workforce, we are all too familiar with the hurdles you are facing. Our job is to guide you through the system and ensure your legal rights are protected. While not every on-the-job injury justifies hiring a lawyer, we recommend setting up a free consultation with our team to make sure you receive a fair outcome. If you have suffered a work injury in the Myrtle Beach area, contact us today by calling (843) 427-2800 or using the live chat box below.


3 Things You Need to Do After Being Injured at Work in Myrtle Beach

When you get hurt at work, your first reaction may be fear for your job and finances. You know you're hurt, but you may wonder if it's bad enough to require medical attention or a report to the boss. You may even be afraid that if you report your injury, the boss might fire you, which is illegal on the basis of retaliation.

If you’ve been injured on the job, follow these steps that will help your Myrtle Beach workers' compensation claim in the long run.

90 days to report work injury in SC1. Report your injury to your employer. Workers' compensation benefits are initiated through your employer's insurance, so your company’s management needs to know about your injury. Most workplaces have established rules for handling injury reports, so follow your employer's instructions. While it is highly recommended that you report your injury immediately, please note that you have 90 days to make the report. If you do not report your injury within 90 days, you may be denied benefits.

2. Seek appropriate medical care. In order for workers’ comp to pay your medical bills, you must go to a doctor that has been authorized by your employer or your employer’s insurance company. The exception: emergency treatment. If the situation is urgent, you can seek care from any available health care provider.

3. Call a Myrtle Beach workers' compensation attorney. The South Carolina workers' compensation system is complicated, and determining whether you are receiving all benefits owed to you under the law can be a tall task without representation. An attorney will be able to listen to the facts of your case, provide guidance on whether or not you even need to hire a lawyer, and educate you on what benefits you should expect to receive.


When to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in South Carolina

After being hurt at work, your employer’s insurance company should cover medical bills and lost wages, but they don’t always hold up their end of the deal. If you are having trouble after being injured at work in Myrtle Beach, you will benefit from at least speaking with a workers’ comp attorney. Below are some specific examples that many of our previous clients have encountered before seeking legal representation. If you are currently dealing with any of these issues, please consider contacting our office for a free consultation.

  • Your employer denies your claim and refuses to file your injury with the Workers’ Compensation Commission.
  • Your employer, or its insurance company, won’t cover your medical bills or lost wages.
  • You suffered a severe injury where you will be unable to return to work and will need future medical treatment.
  • Your company is treating you unfairly after your injury, such as wrongfully terminating you or reducing your pay.
  • There was a third party involved in your case. For example, if you were in a car accident while on company time, you can speak with a lawyer to see if you can file a civil claim against the at-fault driver in addition to pursuing your workers’ comp case.


Set Up a Free Consultation with a Myrtle Beach Workers’ Comp Lawyer

South Carolina is a no-fault state, which means that even if your injury was not caused by your employer, you still have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. If you would like help handling your on-the-job injury claim, contact our law firm today by calling (843) 427-2800 or starting a live chat below. My entire team is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured workers, and we value the opportunity to be of service.