Posted on Oct 31, 2013

Another lawsuit involving football and brain injuries has touched Columbia, SC. Former Gamecock defense tackle, Stanley Doughty, claims to have suffered injuries that prohibited him from having an NFL career.  

On October 22, 2013, Doughty became part of a Class Action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court. The suit asks that a Medical Monitoring Fund be created by the NCAA. The fund would address long-term, often latent, brain injuries.

Throughout his college career, Doughty suffered numerous blows to the head. He even experienced temporary paralysis after a collision at practice. Doughty alleges that the Gamecocks did not order an MRI when he reported closed head injuries.

In 2007, Doughty signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, team doctors did not clear Doughty to play. Medical tests showed that Doughty had an “acquired spinal injury” — the consequence of repeated helmet-to-helmet collisions.

Doughty claims that the NCAA failed to exercise their duty to protect college football players. Doughty and other players are seeking compensation as well as an injunction that would lead to medical monitoring.

Since the settlement of an NFL class action suit case in September, a number of other football-related brain injury lawsuits have been filed.

Sadly, neither the Columbia, South Carolina community, nor our players are immune from brain injuries.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all former players who are suffering from the cumulative effects of head trauma. If you or a loved one has questions about brain injury lawsuits, call me today at (803) 790-2800 or you can contact us by using the live chat feature below.

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