Our Colleagues & Clients Have Plenty to Say About Our Professional Service

We let results speak for themselves. Here's what some of our colleagues, and satisfied personal injury and workers' compensation clients, are saying about us. Remember that any result we achieve on behalf of one client does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients. In addition, some results are obtained in connection with other firms. Take a moment to read the heartfelt words others have for us, then call or email us for a free case evaluation. 


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  • The Law Office of Kenneth Berger was caring and quick to respond to all my questions.

    I was the victim of a truck accident, and after the wreck, I felt lost. We didn't know what to do or how we were going to pay all the medical bills, so we looked for an honest attorney that would handle my case quickly.  Throughout my case the Law Office of Kenneth Berger was nice, caring, and quick to respond to any questions that I had. Even when they were out of the office, they'd email me back. Even though they took the load off of me - they handled the hospital bills and everything - I'm glad my case is behind me now.  I would recommend the Law Office of Kenneth Berger because they make everyone feel at home. Even when you first walk in, you feel like family here. They work fast, and you'll be treated fairly.   

    Tony A. of Cordova, SC, Truck Accident Client
  • Attorney Lisa Hostetler Brown explains why she would trust the Law Office of Kenneth Berger with her clients' and her family members' injury cases.

    When Lisa Hostetler Brown, the owner of LawyerLisa, LLC in Columbia, SC needs to refer a client to a personal injury lawyer, she knows she can trust the Law Office of Kenneth Berger.  In this video, she shares her experience working with the Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger and how she can rely on our experienced legal team to treat her referrals with compassion and respect throughout their personal injury case. 

    Lisa Hostetler Brown - LawyerLisa, Columbia, SC
  • The Law Office of Kenneth Berger cared about my needs and took care of everything in my case.

    After being rear-ended by a company vehicle, I wanted to find someone who would care about my needs and could lead me in the right direction because it was my first time needing a lawyer.  Then I found the Law Office of Kenneth Berger. Everyone at their office jumped in to help and make sure I was okay. While working with the firm, I was surprised by how on top of everything they were and the amount of compassion they showed me. I was treated wonderfully - like family! I'm glad that my case is over, but I'm going to miss the team. I consider them family because they've been with me since day one. All my needs were taken care of, and I never had to wait to hear from anyone.   

    Jasmine W. of Charleston, SC, Auto Accident Client
  • The Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger went above and beyond what we hired them to do.

    When my truck was hit by a rental moving truck,  I had to spend 10 days in the hospital recovering. I knew I needed to find a lawyer because my case was so complex. There were multiple insurance providers involved, and I knew there was no way to navigate it by myself. I wanted to find a strong advocate that I would feel comfortable around.  From the first time I met Kenny, he handled my case from start to finish. Anytime I called, I was able to talk to someone immediately, and Kenny always called me back promptly. He did a wonderful job and went above and beyond what we hired him to do. When all is said and done, Kenny and his team did everything they could and got us a larger settlement than we initially thought possible. I would absolutely refer someone to the Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger.

    Kyle J. of Gilbert, SC, Auto Accident Client
  • The Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger took my stress away, so I could focus on healing and getting better.

    Before I found representation, I was stressed to the max and felt like I was left out there alone. When looking for a firm, I wanted to find a someone I could trust - someone to take the stress off my shoulders and who I felt like they were going to battle for me. The Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger took my stress away, so I could focus on healing and getting better. Kenny never left me wondering what was going to happen. He was compassionate, sympathetic, and very thorough in letting me know what was going on. If you’re looking for the best, look no further than Kenny Berger. 

    Valerie P. of Elgin, SC, Auto Accident Client
  • They made a difficult situation seem easy by easing my concerns and stress and giving me a positive resolution.

    After my auto accident, I felt really unsure and knew that I needed to find a trustworthy law firm with integrity and empathy. I found just that with the Law Office of Kenneth Berger. The entire staff always showed me compassion and concern and communicated extremely well. They made a difficult situation seem easy by easing my concerns and stress and giving me a positive resolution. I have a very high level of trust with this firm and would absolutely refer anyone to the Law Office of Kenneth Berger. They have a professional staff with integrity that will work hard to get justice for you.

    Jenny A. of Winnsboro, SC, Auto Accident Client
  • This law firm helped explain everything about my case to me so I could best understand.

    An irresponsible drive was racing down an interstate in Georgia when they hit our client and forced her into oncoming traffic. Immediately after, she started experiencing pain and knew she needed to seek an attorney's help. "I was in a lot of pain so the attorney came to my house and met with me. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. I knew I had nothing else to worry about. From the beginning, they helped me to navigate my doctors bills and visits. When looking for an attorney, I knew I needed someone that would break it down for me so I could understand what was going on. Someone who would be honest.  Whenever I visited the office, I never met anyone without a smile. They always made me feel comfortable. Even on the phone, everyone was kind and communicated effectively. I am glad my case is over, but still keep their business card in my wallet in case I run into someone who needs it. They are good folks who did everything they could for me and I would say they would do the same for you."

    Sandra P. of Clearwater, S.C.
  • I had anxiety about handling a car accident on my own, then I found the Law Office of Kenneth Berger.

    After being in her first car accident, our client tried to handle everything by herself before realizing the insurance company was far too difficult to work with alone. She was looking for a smaller law firm so she could get the attention she deserved, as well as a personal relationship that could help her better understand everything that was going on. That is when she found a home at the Law Office of Kenneth Berger. "I was most surprised by the attention I received from the staff members. And not just attention on a client level, but on a personal level. Those personal touches meant a lot. I got sympathy and hand holding when I needed it most. I never felt like they were 'grabbing my file' to figure out who I was before speaking with me. I never had to call for information, in fact I never even initiated a phone call. I would recommend this law firm highly because they really have that personal touch and treat everyone well. From the attorneys, to the paralegals, to the other staff members, they treated me exceptionally. They not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk, throughout the entire case and not just in the beginning. They know all the in's and out's of the law and will do everything they can to help you." 

    Kelly W., Car Crash Client from West Columbia, S.C.
  • This Law Firm is familial and warm. I felt like I could always call with my questions.

    After I was in a car accident, I had no idea what to do. I had never experienced this before. I called my dad and he helped me find the Law Office of Kenneth Berger. I was so surprised at how welcoming they all were. This is a close knit and familial law firm that always answered my questions, no matter how "dumb" I felt the questions were. They are a top notch team who responds to phone calls and emails quickly. Throughout my case, they kept me confident. Even when I had to speak to people on my end, I felt confident and armed with the proper information and instructions. I know I would not have been able to do this on my own. Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an attorney, this law firm is everything you would want. 

    Jean M., Auto Accident Client from Columbia, S.C.
  • Being able to interact with an attorney one-on-one was important to me.

    After I was in a car accident that injured both me and my child, I felt like we needed representation to protect ourselves from someone else's negligence. I had used Kenny in the past and knew he was who I needed to call. He has a supportive staff who utilizes consistent communication. I also like that I was able to discuss my case one-on-one with an attorney rather than just by phone call or email. For me, it is all about the personal experience, which is what you get at the Law Office of Kenneth Berger. The staff is always on the same page and the customer service is exceptional throughout the entire firm.  Throughout the process, we felt as if the firm had genuine care and concern for us and our case. Now, our family is more at peace and no longer anticipating the outcome. I would absolutely refer someone I know to this firm because I feel that the same service that was provided to me and my family would be provided to them. There is no question about how you will be treated. 

    Rhonda C., Hit & Run Client from Columbia, SC