Adjusters in South Carolina Are Not On Your Side

Watch this video to learn more about insurance adjusters and the claims process from Columbia, SC personal injury attorney Kenneth Berger.

He begins by explaining that an insurance adjuster is the one that determines how much money to offer to you. From the first time you are contacted, the adjuster's only goal is to pay you as little as possible. In fact, that is what insurance adjusters are paid to do.

This may sound surprising, and when you speak with adjusters, they may be very likeable. However, you must remember that it is their job to minimize your payout. This is, in fact, how insurance companies in South Carolina and across the country make a profit.

The insurance adjuster is your adversary. That does not mean you should be disrespectful, only aware of their part in the process. An adjuster is unlikely to compensate you for lost mobility, diminished quality of life, future medical expenses, or other loses you have sustained. He may try to settle before you even know what your medical costs are.

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