Lives are changed on a daily basis due to car crashes across South Carolina. In most cases, the parties involved are subjected to a lot of pain, stress, bills, and questions about what to do next. In this video, Columbia attorney, Kenneth Berger encourages those injured in auto accidents to seek help and explore the various resources on his website.

There are a number of uncertainties and pressures after a wreck. For example, people may be unsure about which insurance company to speak with, which forms they must complete, and why an adjuster is telling them they have to give a recorded statement. All this on top of medical expenses and other financial challenges.

You do not have to carry this weight alone. Allow us to handle the legal issues, while you focus on getting well. For more free information, visit our library of resources, or call us today at (803) 790-2800 to receive a free copy of Kenneth Berger's book, Safety First, Justice Always: Your Guide to South Carolina Auto Accident Law. We look forward to serving you.

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