[Transcript] worker with wrap around their arm after work injury

Does workers' compensation in South Carolina cover pain and suffering? My name is Kenneth Berger, a South Carolina personal injury lawyer, and I made this video to answer that question.

Now, the short answer is: No. Ok? In South Carolina, workers' comp is only going to cover your medical bills, your time missed from work due to your injury, and then any settlement for what's known as permanent partial disability, which is really based on your impairment. But, one of the things to know is that if you've been involved in an on-the-job injury where there is pain and suffering, what you're going to want to find out is whether or not there's any type of the third party, right? So if someone other than yourself or a co-worker caused the accident, there may be a third party. And if there's a third party, then we can potentially pursue a third-party civil action, and under that civil action, you can receive compensation for pain and suffering. But again, unfortunately, under South Carolina's workers' comp system, it's just medical care, the payment for the time missed from work, and the compensation for any type of permanent partial disability.

Now, your pain and suffering may factor into how much money you get in a settlement because it's that pain and suffering that is preventing you from doing your job as well, or doing your job at all. And in those situations, it will factor in, but as far as a separate line item or separate itemized damage, unfortunately, in South Carolina, workers' comp isn't going to put a dollar figure on your pain and suffering. With that said, if you have any questions about workers' comp - pain and suffering or otherwise - feel free to give us a call. I've written books on this, we've got a ton of information on the website, and we're also glad to provide answers to your questions in any type of free consultation. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video, and we look forward to helping you however we can.


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