When children suffer dog bites in South Carolina, parents are left seeking answers and justice. From insurance issues to how medical bills are paid, parents need to know their rights, as well as those of their children. 

Regrettably, children are often bitten by dogs owned by family members or neighbors. You may be hesitant to pursue a claim in these instances because you don't want to take money out of someone else's pocket. Fortunately, many homeowners' insurance policies will provide coverage for dog attacks. Therefore, you would not be taking money directly from someone you care about, but instead recovering compensation from an insurance company. Dog Bite

And while insurance coverage may apply, that does not mean the insurance company is automatically going to treat you fairly. Adjusters will often blame children for provoking the dog into a bite, or argue that the policy does not cover the specific type of incident that led to your child's injury. The insurance adjuster might even try to fool you into believing they are only responsible for your co-pays or out of pocket expenses.

The truth is, South Carolina dog bite law requires compensation for every harm and loss a child suffers as a result of an unprovoked attack. For example, your family should receive compensation for the full amount of the medical bills - not just the co-pays.

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