So what can you do if you were hit by a drunk driver with no insurance? My name is Kenneth Berger; I handle life-changing injury and wrongful death cases across the state of South Carolina and made this video to help provide a little guidance in situations with no insurance and drunk drivers. 

What are Your Options after a Car Wreck with an Uninsured, Drunk Driver?

Drunk driving accidents in South Carolina may require an attorney to recover damagesFirst thing you need to know is that just because the drunk driver didn't have insurance, you're not completely out of luck in terms of being able to make a financial recovery. In South Carolina, bars and restaurants can be held legally and financially responsible if they've over-served someone and that person then left and caused harm to someone else.

So one thing we would want to know is where the drunk driver had been drinking before they got in a wreck with you. And that's something that we've worked together on our team, with private investigators, and independent witnesses in the past, to identify exactly where that uninsured driver was and where they were drinking before they caused the wreck

Another thing is in South Carolina, every car insurance policy sold has to include uninsured motorist coverage. So your own auto insurance coverage should provide some degree of protection. I know that's probably not what you want to hear.

The idea of bringing a claim against your own insurance company when a drunk uninsured person ran into you; that's not appealing to anybody. But I can tell you that if the person who caused harm does not have insurance, your own insurance company should step up to help cover damages like medical bills, lost earnings, and any impact this accident has had on your overall quality and enjoyment of life. 

So drunk driving accidents with uninsured drivers are not something anyone wants to go through when it comes to being able to make a financial recovery. Again, the places we would want to look are at any bar or restaurant that may have over-served the driver before the collision, as well as your own auto insurance coverage under what's known as uninsured motorist policies. 

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the accident, feel free to reach out to us. We pride ourselves on the information that we can provide, on the guidance that we can give, and if we can do anything to take some of this weight off your shoulders in terms of the legal and insurance aspects so you can focus more on making a full physical recovery, we'd be honored to do so. Again, my name is Kenneth Berger and I appreciate you taking the time to watch this video and we look forward to hearing from you very soon. Thank you so much.