What damages can I recover after being hit by a drunk driver in South Carolina?


What Are You Entitled to After a Drunk Driving Accident?If you have been hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver, a civil lawsuit is how you and your family can start the financial recovery process. Though the driver may have been carried away in handcuffs, the criminal charges will only punish the person who caused the accident in the only way that the criminal justice system knows how: with jail time, fines and fees to the state, loss of driving privileges, and so on.

The criminal system will not, however, compensate you and your loved ones for the costs of the accident. A personal injury lawsuit in civil court is how you seek repayment, in the form of legal damages. Here are the types of damage awards frequently seen in DUI accident cases.

Economic Damages 

Economic damages are the fundamental costs of a car accident that can be tallied up by looking at the real costs. This type of damage award may include repayment for:

Non-Economic Damages 

This type of damage award is not as easily quantified as economic damages, but it can be just as important to the financial recovery process. Non-economic damages may include:

Punitive Damages After a Drunk Driving Accident

In some cases, the behavior of the defendant was so despicable that the court may decide to award punitive damages. This type of award is rare, and it is designed to not only punish the guilty party, but also to use the guilty party as an example to discourage other people from committing the same offense. Though it is difficult to obtain punitive damages, an experienced personal injury lawyer can pursue punitive damages by proving that the drunk driver showed conscious disregard for the safety of other South Carolinians when he chose to drive on our roadways after drinking alcohol. 

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