How to Find the Best Auto Accident Lawyer in Columbia

I did not make this video to tell you that I am Columbia's best car accident attorney. Not only would such a claim be unethical in the eyes of our bar association, it would also run contrary to everything I know about hubris and humility. Columbia has plenty of lawyers who "accept" or advertise for injury cases. That does not necessarily mean the lawyer has handled many wreck cases. Nor does it mean that you would achieve the same result no matter who you chose to represent you.

So before signing any fee agreements, health authorizations, or other legal forms, do your research. I strongly suggest that in looking for the best attorney to handle your case, you find out:

1. How much experience the lawyer has with a case like yours;

2. What past clients and other attorneys are saying about the individual's abilities; and

3. Whether he/she is someone that you can honestly say you like and trust.

For a free case evaluation - or to find out which of my colleagues I think are among the best - contact my Columbia office today at 803-790-2800. 

Kenneth Berger
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