Underinsured Motorcycle Coverage: What Every South Carolina Rider Needs in the Event of an Accident

Every motorcycle sold in South Carolina comes with liability insurance. The problem is, liability insurance is not designed to protect riders - only people they might injure. In order for riders to protect themselves and their finances, it is important to purchase plenty of underinsured and uninsured accident coverage. 

These types of insurance will help pay for a rider's medical bills in the event of an accident caused by someone else. For example, if a negligent driver turns left in front of you, and you end up with $200,000.00 in medical bills, but the at-fault driver only has $25,000.00 in liability coverage, your underinsured policy could be the difference between a fair financial recovery and bankruptcy. 

If you have any questions about how to obtain the maximum amount of insurance money after a motorcycle accident, I am glad to provide you with a free consultation. I cannot guarantee results, but I will help you identify every potential source of recovery in hopes of achieving justice and fair compensation. Call my Columbia, SC office today at 803-790-2800. 

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