I was born and raised right here in Columbia South Carolina went through the school system here went to college here went to law school here I'm a South Carolina guy best thing about Columbia honestly is the people I've just never met better nicer people even where I've been and growing up it was great because it was basically two hours from anywhere and anything and now doing what I do I can still be anywhere I need to be in just a couple hours I think some of the best memories I have from growing up or playing ball out of Trenton Park we won state championships had a great time I wear my dad coaching teams armor though the conversations we'd have four hours at home after those ball games you know hitting that home run scoring that basket scoring a touchdown it's that same feeling when you get a win for a client I'm someone who got my work ethic and my sense of commitment from my dad and got that that compassion gene from my mom and it's just the way I was raised it's it's what I've always known so it's what I've always tried to do my dad one things I can tell you about him he never once said he was going to do something and didn't get it done my mom is a she's a compassionate type she worked with special-needs kids and it's just always been that person who would literally give you the shirt off her back and I like to think that I inherited the best qualities of both of them hopefully I can live and practice the way I was raised 10 plus years practicing law you learn a lot of things the most important thing I learned decided to tell my clients story folks come to me with with a story but it's not just any story it's something that has impacted them and their families and might have an impact the rest of their lives and when they trust me to tell that story because I have one chance one chance to tell one chance for it to be proven I take that very seriously so people look for lawyers when when something Bad's happened and in that search they need to find someone who cares, who's passionate about them, and who takes pride and getting to know them as a human being and telling their story and holding whoever harms them accountable. My name is Kenny Berger. I've told you my story and I'd love to hear yours, too.

How the Law Office of Kenneth Berger Came to Be

On January 3, 2011, Kenneth (“Kenny”) Berger started the firm. He had recently turned 29. Most people said he was too young to go “out on his own," but Kenny had a clear vision of what his firm would become. His father started a dental practice at the age of 25, so in many ways, Kenny felt like an old man by the time he started his own practice.

Our Goal: A Safer, Healthier South Carolina

From the start, we have known the type of practice we want and what it is we seek to accomplish. Since day one, we have been dedicated to helping good people who experience life-changing injuries at the hands of another person or business. We all have a right to safety. When one person’s right to a safe road, doctor, or place of employment is violated, our entire community is threatened. Our firm confronts community dangers and works to keep families safe by holding rule-breakers accountable for the harm they cause. The goal of a safer, healthier community is at the heart of every case we accept and the motivation behind every step we take as a firm. 

Contact Columbia Car Accident Lawyer Kenneth Berger

Whether you were just in a wreck and didn't know what to do or have tried to deal with the insurance company on your own and become frustrated, I am here to help you regain control. While you focus on getting well, I focus on obtaining full justice for every harm and loss caused by the accident.

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