Factors That Determine Your Workers' Comp Settlement

The amount of money you receive from your workers' compensation settlement depends on variables ranging from your impairment rating to your educational background. Another important factor under South Carolina law is whether you will require future medical care, as well as the existence of any permanent physical restrictions. Attorney Kenneth Berger made this video to take some of the "guesswork" out of settling your workers' comp claim.

You cannot rely on an insurance company to voluntarily offer you the best possible settlement. Instead, you must know every workers' comp benefit you are owed if you are to receive a fair outcome. Rather than taking on this task - or an insurance giant - alone, contact Kenneth for a free case evaluation today at 803-790-2800. Our law firm protects injured workers' rights across South Carolina, and is here to answer your questions whether they relate to medical treatment, money, your return to the workforce, or any other aspect of your workers' compensation case. We look forward to speaking with you. 

Kenneth Berger
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