What to Do If A Doctor Releases You to Light Duty During Your Workers' Compensation Case

On the job injuries often put people out of work for days, weeks, or months. However, at some point during a workers' compensation case, the doctor will probably release you to light duty. For instance, the doctor might say that you can return to work so long as you do not have to lift anything over 5 pounds or stand longer than 30 minutes.

If your doctor places you on light duty, South Carolina law requires you to inform your employer of your restrictions. Your employer then has a couple options: they can offer you light duty work that complies with the doctor's orders; or they can have their insurance company continue paying you a weekly check.

In the event your employer chooses to give you a light duty job within your restrictions, you must at least attempt to perform that job unless you firmly believe that doing so would aggravate your injury.

South Carolina's workers' compensation laws are nuanced. When it comes to protecting your health and your rights, you do not have to take on the company, their insurance carrier, or the workers' comp commission by yourself. Allow me to help you by calling 803-790-2800

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