Who Pays the Cost of a Personal Injury Lawsuit in South Carolina?

How Much Does an Injury Lawsuit Cost?

Costs of a personal injury lawsuitThe cost of a personal injury lawsuit often ranges from $1,000 - $5,000. However, a complex case such as a medical malpractice or products liability suit might cost upwards of $100,000. So who pays these expenses? In South Carolina, the injured person’s lawyer usually advances the “litigation costs.” At the end of the case, those costs are subtracted from the client’s recovery. The only other options are for the client to pay along the way, or for the court to order the at-fault party to pay court expenses.

Most clients cannot afford to pay for experts, videotaped depositions, and other litigation costs – especially in light of the medical bills and lost wages they may be facing from the accident. For those reasons, I cover litigation expenses. I do not charge clients for postage, copies, mileage, or hourly work. At the end of the case, I am simply reimbursed for the checks I wrote to third parties on my client’s behalf. Additionally, if my firm doesn’t recover compensation on a client’s behalf, the client owes us nothing in fees or expenses.  

You Shouldn't Worry About Litigation Costs

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