brain scanA traumatic brain injury (TBI) is shocking no matter who it affects, but it can be especially devastating when a child is faced with a TBI. Parents are often forced to question whether their child will ever be able to lead a normal, happy life. Sadly, our injury attorney explains, cases of pediatric TBIs are more common in Columbia and other parts of South Carolina than most people realize.

According to the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), the leading cause of disability and death in children and adolescents is traumatic brain injury. In fact, every year, an average of 62,000 children under age 20 sustain closed head trauma requiring hospitalization. Auto accidents, falls, physical abuse, sports injuries, or various other reasons may cause such harm. 

A Closed Head Injury Can Be Tougher on a Child Than on an Adult

When an adult suffers a TBI, it is generally a fully developed brain that is affected. The adult may have a rocky road ahead of him, but because they have already developed certain skills as they've aged, they may have a better chance of regaining those abilities.

However, when a child suffers a closed head injury, it is a still-developing brain that is affected. The BIAA notes that the cognitive impairments children face may not be immediately obvious after the injury, but may become apparent as the child gets older and faces increased expectations in school.

Likewise, a young person's social skills may be significantly diminished due to a head injury. A child with a TBI can face a lifetime of challenges when it comes to processing information, decision-making, and relationship development. 

Seeking Legal Help for a Child's Traumatic Brain Injury

Because of the potentially long-lasting effects closed head trauma can have on a child, it is important that you seek counsel from a lawyer in South Carolina who has experience with brain injury cases. Your lawyer should be able identify the most knowledgeable experts in the field of pediatric neurology, neuropsychology, and neuroimaging, then help ensure that your son or daughter receives the best possible medical care. In addition, an attorney can obtain a life care plan that will detail not only what treatment your child might require in the future, but also the costs of such care. All this information is important when it comes to properly treating a TBI, and also properly compensating a child and their family for the effects of the trauma.  

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