3 Things You Should Know About Bicycle Accidents & Your Insurance Rights in South Carolina

Bicycle accidents happen everyday on South Carolina's roadways - often due to the negligence or recklessness of motor vehicle drivers. In 2000, one of my family's dear friends was killed in a bicycle crash in Columbia, SC. The at-fault driver never stopped, and was not caught until months later. No matter the level of harm or injury caused by your biking accident, you likely have questions regarding insurance and medical bills that may be best answered by an attorney. I therefore offer the following points that every South Carolinian should be aware of after a bicycle crash:

1. You can use health insurance to pay for all accident-related treatment.

Bicycle accidentSome people think medical bills are paid solely out of settlement funds. Other people are misguided by hospitals and medical providers who tell them they cannot use their health insurance card for accident-related care. The truth is, health insurance exists in large part to pay for unforeseen injuries. As an experienced injury lawyer, I can tell you that under South Carolina law, hospitals and network providers must accept your health insurance card - even after an accident. 

2. Your auto insurance policy may be able to help you after a bicycle accident. 

If the driver who injured you was either uninsured or lacked sufficient coverage to adequately compensate you, the law gives you the right to seek money from the largest of your own insurance policies. For instance, if the negligent driver only has $50,000.00 in insurance coverage, but your medical bills alone are $75,000.00, you could receive compensation from your insurance company through what is known as "underinsured motorist coverage." 

3. The negligent driver's insurance company may try to blame you in part for the accident.

Injured bicycle riders and their families are often told the cyclist is in some way at fault for his injuries. You may hear things like, "Well, he wasn't wearing a helmet;" or "We have reason to believe he was too far out in the roadway." Insurance adjusters are trained to pay you as little as possible, and they will go to almost any length to achieve their goal of a minimal payout. 

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