DUI Accidents and Insurance Coverage for Victims in South Carolina

In this video, Columbia, SC auto accident lawyer Kenneth E. Berger discusses drunk driving accidents and insurance coverage to obtain to protect yourself.

Victims are hurt and even killed by drunk drivers on a daily basis. Those who cause this pain and suffering have committed a criminal offense. As a result, they should face prison time and also compensate victims for their losses.

Person driving drunkIn fact, people injured in DUI accidents can receive compensation even in the situation where the driver is uninsured. The reason is that auto insurance in South Carolina comes with uninsured coverage, which helps to protect you against reckless drivers that don't have car insurance. 

Another source of assistance is from underinsured coverage. With this type of coverage, your own insurance policy covers costs, once the drunk driver's insurance pays out the policy maximum. For example, if you were hit by a drunk driver and had $50,000 in medical bills, but the driver only had a minimum limits insurance policy ($25,000 in South Carolina), your underinsured coverage should kick in to help fully cover your damages. 

Not having uninsured or underinsured coverage can lead to huge financial costs. Mr. Berger recommends that everyone should pay the few dollars a month extra to obtain this coverage so that you and the people you care about are protected if the worst should occur. 

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