If you've been hurt on the job in South Carolina, you probably have lots of questions. You may be wondering what effect your injury will have on your employment, what workers' comp benefits you are eligible to receive, or even whether or not your workers' compensation benefits could be denied because you, in some way, may have contributed to your accident.

We Can Help Answer Your Workers' Comp Questions

If you have found yourself in this situation, know that you are not alone. If you're being faced with unfamiliar terms that you don't understand, don't be discouraged. We help injured workers everyday, and have the experience you need to get back on your feet again.

Start by ordering your FREE copy of Kenneth Berger's book, Your Guide to South Carolina Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation. When you find that you're ready to have someone help you through this process, contact our office at 803-790-2800 or by using the live chat box below. 

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