What damages or compensation can be recovered after a drunk driving crash? My name is Kenneth Berger, an experienced drunk driving attorney in South Carolina, and made this quick video to answer those questions.

Alright, the first type of damage (and damage is just a legal word for compensation or money). The first one is economic. So, those would be things like medical bills, lost wages, and any type of impact it has on your future earnings, that's a type of damage you can recover after a drunk driving wreck. The next one is what's known as non-economic damages. Those are your non-economic assets and how those non-economic assets have been affected. That might be your physical abilities, your absence of pain and now you're dealing with pain - so that's what people call pain and suffering - and the other one is how it's impacted your quality of life. So they're all things that we love doing, they're all things that we really cherish or find important in life, those are our non-economic assets.

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So if those have been affected, the law says that you can actually recover financially for them - which makes sense because our non-economic assets are a lot of times just as important as the money ones. And the last piece in terms of recovering damages from a drunk driving crash is punitive damages. That's where we're looking to punish the at-fault driver or punish the bar or restaurant that over-served them. So all three are types of damages that you can recover especially when we're dealing with drunk drivers and the people that overserved them. If you have any other questions about these types of cases, give me a call. I'm glad to answer them just like I hopefully did this question.

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