Myrtle Beach Trips Can Turn Into a Nightmare If You Are Injured at a Popular Vacation Site

Myrtle Beach Pin-Pointed on a MapMyrtle Beach is a popular vacation stop for residents of South Carolina and others throughout the country. Myrtle Beach, Family Kingdom Amusement Park, local boat tours, the aquarium, and our theaters are just a few of the attractions that draw tourists to our area. Unfortunately, a trip can turn into a disaster if you are injured in an accident caused by a property owner’s or business’ negligence—especially since you are most likely far away from home in a strange town where you know no one. Fortunately, hiring a local experienced personal injury attorney can take the burden off your shoulders of collecting the documents you need and negotiating the settlement you deserve for your injuries.

What Duty Does a Property Owner and Business Owe You?

If you are injured on someone’s property or at a business in Myrtle Beach, you may have a premises liability claim against the owner. You are considered an invitee when you stay at a hotel or condominium rental or visit a tourist attraction, shopping mall, restaurant, or many more places. The owner of the property owes you the highest duty of care to eliminate unreasonable risks of harm, keep the property in a safe condition, and warn you any dangers. When an owner knew or should have known of a danger and did nothing, he could be responsible for compensating you for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Where Are You in Danger of Being Injured While Having Fun in Myrtle Beach?

Tourists can suffer many serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, back and spinal injuries, paralysis, fractures, amputations, and deaths in accidents while on vacation in the Myrtle Beach area. While slip and fall accidents are the most common, there are many other ways you could be injured. Often these tragedies are caused by the property owner’s or business’ negligence. Common places where a loved one or you could be hurt include:

  • Airport. Airports like Myrtle Beach International Airport are high-traffic areas with many dangers to travelers. You could be injured in a slip and fall accident when spills of food and drink throughout the terminals are not cleaned up and bathrooms are not cleaned and monitored for spills and debris regularly. In addition, you could be seriously hurt if trapped in a defective elevator or if an escalator malfunctions.
  • Hotels and resorts. If you are staying at a hotel or resort, you could easily slip and fall on worn carpet, cracked flooring, or wet flooring in your room, swimming pool, or in other common areas. The swimming pool can pose a drowning hazard if the stairs, filters, or drains are not maintained properly, and the exercise facilities can often become dangerous if the equipment is not repaired when broken.
  • Rental property. Many vacationers like to rent a beach house or condominium rather than stay at a hotel. If you are doing so, you face similar risks of injury as in a hotel or resort. In addition, you could be burned in a fire, suffer electrical injuries, or more if the property owner fails to make necessary repairs. If your condominium is in a gated community and you are the victim of a crime, you could have a negligent security claim against the landlord for failing to protect you.
  • Restaurants. If food and drink spills are left on the floor and flooring is not repaired or replaced, you could seriously injure yourself in a slip and fall accident. Restaurant sidewalks and parking lots can become tripping hazards when owners fail to deal with the cracks, uneven paving, and potholes that develop over time and use. Inadequate lighting can make parking lots and restaurants even more hazardous.
  • Beaches. The restaurants and restrooms at local beaches can become especially dangerous when water, food, and debris are not cleaned up regularly. In addition, if the lifeguard does not warn you of unsafe conditions on the water—drowning could occur. Beach playgrounds can pose a serious danger to your children if they are not maintained properly and defective equipment is not replaced.
  • Museums and aquariums. Like many public places, these high-traffic areas can pose a slip and fall hazard to guests when common areas are not cleaned frequently and spills and debris are not quickly removed.
  • Amusement parks. Not only are there slip and fall dangers at amusement parks, but you could also suffer serious injuries or die if a ride is defective. Roller coasters and Ferris wheels are just a few of the rides that cause victims to suffer horrific injuries or death if the equipment malfunctions.
  • Boat tours. While a boat tour can be a fun family outing, it can turn into a nightmare if a family member or you are injured in a slip and fall accident. You could also suffer injuries from defects in the boat or because of the lack of life jackets.
  • Shopping malls and shops. Inadequate lighting, poorly maintained parking lots, spills and debris, and cracked, torn, and worn flooring are a few of the reasons you could slip and fall while out for the day at a shopping mall or other shopping areas, such as Broadway at the Beach.
  • State park, nature tours, and other outdoor recreational areas. If public restrooms, restaurants, and common areas are not maintained, you could suffer an injury if you slip and fall. If dangers on the path are not marked or wild animals under the control of the tour are not kept at a distance, you face other dangers—such as animal attacks. In addition, if the park allows guests to bring their dogs or other pets into the park, you could suffer a dog bite if an owner does not control his pet—sometimes causing permanent injuries, disfigurement, or death.

Were you injured in an accident while on vacation in Myrtle Beach? You need a personal injury attorney who understands South Carolina law, has experience negotiating with local property owners, businesses, and their insurance companies, and can obtain a copy of your local police report and other evidence you need to prove your case. At the Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger, our personal injury legal team has helped many out-of-state clients obtain the compensation they deserve when injured while on a trip. Start an online chat or call our office today at 843-800-0911 to learn how we can assist you.


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