There’s nothing like riding a motorcycle along the coast, and with the salty air, beautiful ocean views, and Myrtle Beach Bike Week, it’s easy to see why so many bikers are drawn to Myrtle Beach. But as our city grows and the roads become more congested, the likelihood of having a motorcycle accident and suffering serious injuries increases.

Motorcycle accidents are dangerous because the rider has little to no protection from the speeding cars around him, and unfortunately, the injuries are often so severe that riders are left with mounting medical bills and lots of insurance questions.

This is where we can help. Our Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident attorney is dedicated to treating clients with the utmost respect while seeking to provide the best possible legal representation. We are committed to justice and will do whatever is needed to help you reach a fair outcome. If you have suffered a personal injury in a Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident, contact us today at (843) 427-2800 or by using the live chat box below.

Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety’s SC Traffic Collision Fact Book provides insight on just how dangerous these types of accidents are in our state. The latest fact book, published in 2017, provided the following statistics for our state:

  • 2,278 collisions involved motorcycles
  • 1,693 of these motorcycle wrecks involved caused injury
  • 117 fatalities occurred from motorcycle accidents

Why You May Need a Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer

  1. Motorcycle crashes often cause severe injuries to the rider, and with serious injuries come higher medical bills and lost wages. An experienced South Carolina accident attorney can help ensure you get the proper medical treatment and can negotiate with the insurance adjuster to help secure full compensation. Additionally, lawyers may negotiate with healthcare providers to reduce your bills as much as possible, in turn maximizing your financial recovery.
  1. Bias can affect the outcome of your case. Motorcyclists often get blamed for their injuries even though someone else caused the accident. Insurance adjusters might also claim a rider is partially responsible due to speed or not wearing a helmet, even though South Carolina law does not require people 21 and older to wear a helmet. A lawyer who knows the ins and outs of South Carolina law can stand up for your rights and ensure you don’t take the blame for another person’s recklessness.
  1. The at-fault driver may not have enough insurance coverage. With this fact in mind, it’s important to identify all possible sources of recovery to cover the costs associated with a severe motorcycle accident. The right injury attorneys can make sure all available insurance policies are identified and paid to maximize your result.