How Do We Decide Which Auto Accident Cases We Will Accept?

I am often told that car accident lawyers will accept anything that walks through the door. I can't speak for other Columbia attorneys, but I know that my firm turns down the large majority of folks who contact us. Why? Because we believe in quality over quantity.

We only accept clients who we think we can truly help. For example, can we get a severely injured child medical care for the rest of his life? Can we get a drunk driving victim's medical bills reduced by more than $200,000.00 so she won't face bankruptcy? Can we help an immigrant whose leg was broken by a partially blind driver receive justice? Can we make our community a little safer? I make a living practicing law, and make no apologies for my success, but if my job was about nothing more than profiting off tragedy, I could not sleep at night.

How We Decide What Car Accident Cases To Take

Serious property damage after a car wreckWhen deciding whether to accept a new Columbia car accident case, we take a look at several factors, including:

  • Property Damage;
  • Liability;
  • Extent of Injury;
  • Insurance Coverage; and
  • Client's Character.

I want to represent people who need a lawyer, and for whom I can produce a great benefit. I also want to work with people who will appreciate the countless hours we devote to protecting their rights. I want to be known as one of the "go-to" injury attorneys in Columbia, SC. Part of achieving that goal is being selective in our cases and committing ourselves 100% to the client's best interest.

We benefit from the good we do for others, and hope to receive the honor of working for you if a car accident has left you searching for justice, answers, and representation.

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